E3 2015 – quick thoughts

So, the press conferences of E3 2015 are done, and I have watched most of them on the greatest video game website in the world; Giant Bomb. I still have Square Enix to watch, but I have probably seen most of the cool stuff I care about. Unless they show some more of the new Hitman, that I really want to see.

What did I think of things? Well, I still haven’t gotten any of the new consoles. Been waiting to see if enough things grab me, and so far nothing has. The only new console I really want is the Wii U, something the press conferences this year just made even more apparent. Very little of the console exclusive stuff grabbed me, so little in fact that I can’t really remember one exclusive game I really wanted when it was shown. Sure, a lot of stuff looked impressive, but nothing stood out that much. The one thing that made a lot of people thing Sony took it this year was the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Thing is, I don’t care about Final Fantasy. It does nothing for me. And with that out of the way, so to speak, Sony had very little exclusive to tempt me into getting their console.
Xbox had even less, and I can’t really remember much of what they had.

Courtesy of “redpharoah” on Reddit, this is more or less what I felt when watching that as well. Fallout 4 folks. I want it. Now.

The things I do want, Hitman, Fallout 4, No Man’s Sky, maybe Battlefront are all multiplatform. And most likely best on PC anyway. The only console I will have to get eventually is the Wii U. It seems to have a lot of good Mario games, the new Zelda will probably be worth playing and Mario Maker seems cool.

As for the press conferences in general; Bethesda did a great job, and Nintendo was hilarious. The rest… eh… a lot of cringing to be honest. When you are embarrassed on behalf of everyone on the screen, it does detracts just a little bit from whatever they are saying or doing. But hey, seems like a good year for games! Bring it on!

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