Exploring Space Part 10 – Going Home

Home. Home is far away, and the first Frame Shift jump takes me to a little place called “Musca dark region HM-V C2-37”. Quite a mouthful.


I have abandoned all attempts to scan systems more than the initial scan I do. I don’t even bother scanning the stars. I intend to get home fast and safe. And pirates keep wanting to kill me.

Screenshot_0035Again I manage to escape before pulled out of Super Cruise, but I am afraid I’ll fail one of these times. All the data collected will be lost.

Not much happens on the way back. I only stay in systems when I have to refuel. I need to do that a lot of times. I dodge some attempted interdictions. And that’s it.

After quite some time I see the light in the end of the tunnel. I am able to plot a course to the closest inhabited system. Lhanayi, run by the Independent faction. Good enough place to stop, right?



I did not think would be this happy to see a station. Hopkins Gateway, I am looking forward to my visit.


First of all, what’s the damage? Not much it turns out. I need to refuel, obviously, but I only racked up 2 credits worth of damages. All because I got a bit close to a star while refueling.


Now to see how much the scanning earned me. Not as much as I had hoped. I still wish I had opted for a better FSD instead. But the black hole was worth quite a lot, considering it had nothing else to scan in the system.

Screenshot_0047After selling all of the data I got… More than I thought I would actually! Guess I visited a lot of systems, so it racked up after all.

Screenshot_0048I then did some outfitting. Traded the scanner again for a shield, better than the one I had. I won’t do much of that kind of exploring again, not quite yet. I also beefed up the hull, upgraded the FSD and got a new FSD wake scanner. Might help if any bounties escape. Because of the high price of the scanner I traded in I now got close to half a million credits.

Screenshot_0049This is a good starting position for my next plan. I aim to go bounty hunting, doing jobs for the Independent Alliance, gaining their trust. Once I got enough cash I will buy a ship more suited for exploration. I hear the Asp is good. Then I shall go to a more colorful nebula.

That is the end of the journey for now. But stay tuned for more updates on the life of Cmdr. Auleyhill.

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