Exploring Space Part 8 – So alone

Me. My ship. Stars. A few planets. But occasionally, some wanderer. Maybe lost, maybe exploring. Sometimes out to get me.
In my further travels I am interdicted several times. I luckily manage to escape before actually being pulled out of Super Cruise, which would mean I would have to fight. With no shields, I really don’t want to do that. After the third time it happens I start fleeing as soon as I see the signature of another ship on my sensors. I become more of a loner.

Checking the map I notice something different. A system with a brighter, yet diffuse glow. Highlighting it I learn it’s a black hole. And it is on my way.


I have to go there. It’s not even a detour, as it sits right in the path I am taking to Coalsack.

More stars.
More stars.
More scooping fuel.
More scooping fuel.
I've gone a long way.
I’ve gone a long way.

And there it is. One more jump to the black hole. I have no idea what to expect. It can be instant death for all I know. But the Frame Shift Drive hasn’t killed me yet, so I trust it. And engage.


What I find is impressive, but not as much as I had anticipated. Can’t even see the actual black hole, but the star right next to it is pretty enough. I bet I get a lot of money for this discovery data though.


Looks like I am getting closer.
Looks like I am getting closer.

Todays travels end with a spectacular sight. Another three-star system. If this game had a base building mechanic I would have settled here I think.


Next time I will arrive at my destination. I am ready for disappointment. But then I realize old saying is true. It’s not the destination that’s important, it’s the journey. And so far the journey has been great.

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