Exploring Space Part 9 – Arrival

I am closing in fast, not caring about scanning much of the systems I move through. I just need to get there. Then get back.


And then… I am almost there. One of the systems inside the nebula awaits.


Arriving I get away from the star, so the light don’t blind me from seeing as much of space as possible. I leave Super Cruise. And I look around. All I can see are stars. No milkyway. No nebulas. Only stars. And inky black. I am there. I am inside the Coalsack Nebula.


I had hoped I couldn’t even see stars, but that was never a realistic outcome. But the fact that I can see nothing but stars is still something. I rest for a while.

So far away from home.
So far away from home.

Then I begin to travel home.

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