Let me fix that

Caves used to scare me. The very idea of them. Tunnels and rooms, stretching out below us, dark and empty. I think it was the emptiness that really scared me more than anything. Odd that. I could have been scared of the utter and complete darkness. The very absence of light. You think you can imagine such a thing, but you can’t. Not unless you have experienced it yourself. And doing that can very well drive you mad. But that did not scare me that much.

I could have been scared of the possibility of monsters. Who knows what hides down there, in the long forgotten cavernous halls. Anything can lurk there. Goblins or trolls, giant spiders or the crazed descendants of lost cavemen. But no. Even as a kid that seemed more fantasy than reality.

What scared me was the emptiness. The unused space. Tunnels upon tunnels, caverns after caverns. Of nothing. Empty, undisturbed air. I don’t know why this scared me so. Why it made me so uneasy. It felt to me that the caves had to have a purpose. They had to mean something. So much space couldn’t just be wasted.

That is why I did what I did. It was not some irrational hatred of mankind, to prove a point or even to get some twisted revenge on someone. I did it to fill the caves. To use all that space. To make them useful. And look at them now! Now they are filled to the brim with life, light and… things. The caves are filled with things now, instead of nothing. I’m not afraid of them anymore.


I am starting to fear the surface.

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